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Data Center

Closed Aisle Solution

Closed aisle data center SDC300- L is currently the main construction mode of data room, closed cold/hot channel system changed traditional air supply plan, adopts the modular installation, realize cooling air precise distribution through airtight channels to send points, improve the efficiency of refrigeration, reduce PUE to below 1.3.

Customer Value

Green energy saving

Adopt closed cold/hot channel technology to improve heat dissipation efficiency, reduce energy consumption, and The PUE can reach a minimum of 1.3;

Telecom room can be refrigerated from elevated floor or cooling from array air-conditions, flexible configuration according to different power requirement.

Flexible capacity extension

Modular structure realize rapidly installation and capacity extension.

The rated power of the single cabinet can be smoothly extended according to the requirement of 1KW~10KW;

Intelligent management

Modular configuration intelligent monitoring system, with LCD display, real time monitoring module micro-environment;

Integrated alarm management, report management, energy efficiency management and other functions to realize intelligent management.

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