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GSM(2G) base station antenna
GSM is a cellular network. Mobile phones have to connect to the nearest cell unit area that they are able to search. GSM network is able to operate on multiple wireless radio frequencies.

Basic electrical parameters:

1.Frequency range: 790-880MHz  870-960MHz

2.Polarization method: ±45°

3.Gain: 14.5dbi

4.Electrical down-tilt: 0,3,6,9 available

5.Beam width: horizontal 65°, vertical 15°

6.Side-lobe restrain: 16dB

7.Cross polarization ratio: 15(@0°)、≥10(@±60)

8.Front-to-back ratio:>25dB

9.VSWR: ≤1.5

10.Isolation degree:>28dB

11.Third order intermodulation: <-107dBm

12.Input impedance: 50Ω

13.Power capacity: 500W

14.Anti-lightning protection: DC grounded

Basic mechanical performance:

1.Product category:2×7/16DIN female

2.Size (without packet):1415*280*140mm

3.Size (with packet):1680*310*225mm

4.Weight (without packet):12.2kg

5.Weight (with packet):18.0kg

6.Operating temperature: -40~+60℃

7.Mechanical down-tilt: 0~10°

8.Pole mounted : ?50~?115

9.Interface position: bottom

10.Antenna shield material: UPVC

11.Wind load area:0.4 m?

12.Wind resistance: 60m/s

Product feature:

GSM is a cellular network which means mobile phones have to connect to the nearest cellular unit area that they could search. GSM network operates on multiple wireless radio frequencies.

There are four different Cellular sizes in GSM network: Macro cell, Microcell, Pico cell and femto cell. The coverage area varies depending on the different environments. The Macro cell could be seen as a base station whose antennas be mounted on a mast or on top of a building. Microcells are those that have a height below average building height and generally be used in urban areas. A Pico cell is a very small cellular that covers only a few tens meters, mainly indoors area. The femtocell is used to cover smaller blind area of cellular networks, filling the gap between the cells. The radius of the cellular can range from a few tens meters to Dozens of kilometers, depending on the height, gain and propagation conditions of the antennas. The actual long-distance GSM specification is supported to 35 km. There is also the concept of expanding the cellular, which increase the coverage by double or even more. GSM also supports indoor coverage, and the power distributor can distribute the power of the outdoor antenna to the indoor antenna distribution system. This is a typical configuration scheme to meet the requirement of indoor high-density call, which is very common in shopping center and airport. This is not obligatory, because indoor coverage functions can be achieved by wireless signals through buildings, however the indoor distribution system could improve signal quality and reduce interference and echo with the features of High power, good quality, easy maintenance, clear communication and good confidentiality.

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