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TDD-LTE base station antenna
Uplink and downlink channel reciprocity and uses better transmission preprocessing technology such as pre-RAKE, JT and smart antenna technologies, which will effectively decrease the complexity of processing in mobile side.

Electrical parameters:

1.Frequency range: 1710-1880MHz 1920-2170MHz 2550-2690MHz

2.Polarization: ±45°



5.Beam bandwidth: Horizontal 65°±1, vertical 7°

6.Upper side lobe restrain ≥17dB

7.Cross polarization ratio: 15(@0°)、≥10(@±60)

8.Front-to-back ratio:>25dB

9.VSWR: ≤1.4

10.Isolation degree:>28dB

11.Third order intermodulation:<-107dBm

12.Input impedance:50Ω

13.Power capacity: 200W

14.Anti-lightning protection: DC grounded

Basic mechanical performance:

1.The interface typy:4×7/16DIN female

2.Size (without packet):1425*320*108mm

3.Size (with packet):1695*410*185mm

4.Weight (without packet):13kg

5.Weight (with packet):19kg

6.Wind load s area:0.4m?

7.Wind resistance:60m/s

8.Antenna shield material: FRP/UPVC

9.Interface position: bottom

10.Mechanical down-tilt: 0~10°

11.Operating temperature: -40~+60℃

12.Pole mounted: ?50~?115

13.Limited temperature: -55~+75

14.Operating humidity: 8%~98%

Product feature:

1.Flexible frequency configuration could use scattered frequency bands.

2.Perfectly support asymmetric business by increasing downlink timeslot proportion via adjusting uplink and downlink timeslot switch point.

3.Keep consistency between Uplink and downlink Information channel, base station’s transmission and receiving share  the RF unit so as to saves equipment cost.

4.TX/RX isolation device is not required when receiving uplink and downlink data.

5.Downlink channel optimization: adopt pre-processing transmission technology including RAKE technology, joint transmission technology, smart antenna technology that effectively decreases the complexity of processing on terminal.

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